Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here is some of the video that I took last night with Adam the Impressionist, which is what we call him. My camera, sadly died in the middle, but ya'll should be super super impressed. Sorry about the movement at the last one. The loudest voice that requests for Goofy is Lizzy, the other one, thats not me, is Annie. And I am laughing in the background. There's two, because...I have to figure out how to work the dumb camera.

He actually did the whole scene, but my camera died on this one.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today, I wish I was talented. Annie and I went to the store, and then I didn't see her until about supper time 6 o clock, we were doing our respective homeworks and other stuff due later. And it was cloudy!! I have never been sooo excited to see rain. And just for Amy's sake I ran into josh at the snow, and then we saw him at walmart. I got high fives from the boys and a small conversation with Elisha, I think, the youngest. Then Lizzy came over with a friend named Adam, and we sat around and at crackers pepperoni and cream cheese and laughed soo hard when we figured out that Adam was the impression guy mentioned earlier. He is just so funny. I recorded some of him with my camera which hopefully I can post on here since I bought a cable for the memory card. If its not going to work let me know. We laughed and laughed and I wished I could do impressions then watched Clue, which was really funny, though it wasn't. Its like things that shouldn't be funny are. Anyways that probably doesn't make any sense, but if I am lucky it will make sense to you since your my family. Anyways I am going to quit rambling and go to bed.

You know you are in college when you get super excited about yogurt being on sale for 10 for 4$!

P.S. Maybe someone really smart (Mel ha ha) can use small words and give verbal instructions on how to put links to go to everyone elses thingey easily. Or tell me something else cool that I can do with this thing.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Music Stuff

Here's my advice for the day. When going to musical functions, don't sit or whatever it is you do there, with other music majors. It gets.....I don't know what but its weird.

Whoa did you see that he went from the tonic minor to the dominant major seventh, or he ended some chord and then with a D major, wow! Anyways, its weird.

I went to an Organ Recital tonight. I wish I could play the organ. But I have enough of a hard time playing with two hands on a dumb piano, let alone playing triplets on one keyboard, while doing eights with the other hand, and then quarter notes with your feet. It looks tiring to me. Anyway I have decided that we should all install pipe organs in the churches. It shure would be fun to sing with one. In orchestra we were goofing off, only slightly, by using Spanish vocabulary of peanut butter and chocolate, and or cheese. Peanut Butter is fun to say. And then the girl in front of me, can't remember her name, was like have you read Skippy Jon Jones. I was soooo excited. I love Skippy Jon Jones!!!! Anyways then the conversation turned the idiosyncracy of your pulchritudiness, or something. It has been a very interesting day, and all my music major friends have been making me sing stupid minor scales on solfege with hand signs to them. Then they start laughing cuz I can do one or the other, not both. We shall see how this test on them goes tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday and Food or Color for thought

Tuesdays, not my best days, last time I fell, and so I of course have to try it again. I didn't fall, but I think I am cursed or something.

Today for devo, short for devotional we had an artist speak to us. He made pictures in the Idaho, and Twin Falls temples, as well as a portrait of Pres. Hinckley in the Conference Center.
So, from an artists perspective, Jesus Christ did an Amazing job at creating the earth, jsut look at all the complementary or complimentary collors. If you know what they are good for you! Nature, has this complimentary colors Everywhere. I would copy and paste examples, but I think you know what I mean. Also, if you look at the primary colors, Red, Yellow and Blue, and then look at their compliementary colors, Red is to green, Yellow is to Purple and Blue is to orange. That is the secret of why us redheads look so darn amazing in green. If you add up the other two primary colors you get the complimentary ones. Isn't that cool, or maybe you all are really smart and have noticed? Anywho, and then he talked about the Golden Section. If you don't know what that is Google, or Wikipedia it. He demonstrated this with examples of People's faces. It really works! Anyway thats the reason its called the divine number. The two people he used were really different in size and shape too. You take the divine number and multiply it times the distance from your forhead to chin. Then subract that number times the divine number, and you put that on your face, and thats where your nose,or mouth or eyes are. Maybe you could look for this talk online it was pretty cool! Thats all that happened today.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


It seems to me we music kids spend our lives in the Snow building, and thats why I mentioned the bathroom thing previously. That is, what the Music Explorations guy said today, and why our roomates think us music people are so weird, we give off the aura or something of an introvert. I think he hasn't met me yet. He said something really profound to think about, and I was going to write it so we could all have a spiritual moment together, but its gone. Sorry! Today, in the afternoon I spent a ton of my time talking to Josh, which is Amy, Jared's wifes brother in law. Man can that kid sing!! I was talking to a couple of his friends and we were laughing about pick-up lines. We were guessing what his friends did, and I am an amazing guesser! Here are some of the ones we laughed about, if you don't think its funny, maybe you just had to have been there.
1. Did you know my shoes match my eyes?
(person looks) You just totally checked my out. This one can also apply to the library one. Do you like books, or the library? I can't remember really how it goes, but its like check me out or check you out or something.
2. My personal favorite... Do you like water?
Yes. Then you like 70% of my body!
OK so we are easily entertained, thats ok. The people came to fix my closet today so I will Finally be able to unpack my clothes, thank heavens! Tonight we went over to our old Team Leader's place and had pancakes. Then we went home and sang music as loud as we could. Annie, my roomate made spammy sandwhiches. (its spam, egg, pickles, and mayo, with cheese on top and stuck in the oven. It really isn't that bad) She and I are going to a Ryan Shup and the Rubber Band concert tomarrow. Its a bluegrass band and it is going to be way fun! I love the music kids, and I am sorry to say, but I think they are the most fun on the campus. I think its just cuz we have a lot in common, but whatever. The cello section is the most fun. We, are going to make a marching orchestra we decided today. Haven't worked out all the kinks, but it'll be ok. I wonder how long it is going to take me to not look at my schedule and know where I am going. It seems like it didn't take this long in High School. I wish I had perfect pitch, and that I could sing. Maybe I will be the best when I die, and play soccer and cross country, and dance. We shall see.

Tuesday and Yesterday combined

Tuesday was interesting, to say the least. I had two classes, and they want to confuse me and make me learn hand signals with solfege. Grrr, I can play and count, but I can't sing and do hand signals that don't make any sense. Oh well, I wil get over it. Oh and today was the first devotional. I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and did a beautiful face plant in a skirt. I was laughing, and no one else seemed to see the ridiculousness of the situation. Until at least twenty minutes later. I then went home, and we accomplished great amounts of homework, and went to bed.

Yesterday, I got moved around in seating in Orchestra, I don't know where I am, but why they always stick tall people in front, I don't know. Its not my fault I am so short. I am sure its the genes or something. Piano classes are extremely hard, when you are playing with two hands on a keyboard challenged. I really really like my Book of Mormon class, because the teacher knows everything. We even got to look up errors in the Book, its kinda funny that most people don't know about it, and if there is any interest, I will give the references to you. I made picnic cake, and I think it will be gone by tomorrow, apparently the roomates like it. Thorpe seems, today to have become resigned to the fact that we live here. He will even let my roomies play with him, or chase him in the daily vacuuming ritual. It seems to me, that I am a good studying partner. I helped Annie study her million vocabulary words for Anatomy, a class I will now, never take. She can remember everything now, so I guess helping you siblings study has been a plus, so thanks for that! Everyone has been silent this afternoon, exhaustion and stress are taking the toll, but then after dinner we just went nuts, and were loud and rearranged our furniture. I also yesterday made a fool of myself by going to the bathroom, cuz my nose was running, and then when I came back, walked right into the wrong classroom, and what are you supposed to do when everyone is looking at you. I said hello and the closed the door. I really really felt like a dummy. And then I was trying to figure out the shortest path to the Taylor building, and this girl asked me where I was going, so I told her, nad she pointed, and then said "It is now my obligation to escort you there", and she did. It was kinda weird, but not too bad. And FYI for those who care, if you ever want to go to the bathroom here, use the Snow building, their's are the best! I am still getting lost, and I wonder when I will get my act together, so I hope soon. Another day of practicing is ahead of us, so see ya'll later. OH one more thing, If anyone is interested in concert dates, the Halloween is in October and there is one with Jenny Oaks-Baker in November. Have a fantabulous day!

Crazy Me

We are going to pretend that these go up by the day they are supposed to, so pretend that I did this Monday. Imagination is amazing!

I woke up extra early, and got to all my classes on time. Do you know how weird it is to sing hymns before classes, and pray??? Its weird, let me tell ya! I only got lost a couple of times. How you can get lost in a square building I don't know. But if anyone can, I can. AND to top it all off, the numbers go up in order only sometimes. Why that is I don't know. Today was my busiest busy day, and it was very very long. Now that its later I don't remember all that happened, but it was a very long day. Oh, I have been asked several times about my seeing eye dog, and my native language apparently is Spanish.

If you haven't read, sorry!

Well it has been a very busy busy coupla days for me. I really like my roomates we get along together ok. Mom and dad put the dog's bed in the perfect spot for him to sleep, but he wouldn't sleep on it. I then moved it next to my bed in the corner, and he promptly laid on it and went to sleep. He is so picky! I still find him sleeping in the middle of the floor when I wake up, which is annoying because the carpet is dark, and he leaves excess hair. He still stresses that I am going to leave him or something, and won't eat or drink unless I sit by him. Hopefully, this will change soon.

Yesterday, Saturday, we went to all sorts of things and I keep meeting tons and tons of people, and I feel really bad because I can never remember their names. We made baby hats, and put together hygiene? kits. Our table was the fastest and most efficiant, and we started playing movie trivia, and I creamed 'em all thanks to my weird family. Then we started singing disney songs and everyone just gave us weird looks. I don't mind, after all I am used to it. There was a redhead kid there named Grant, and he was singing, and the girls next to him asked if he was trying out for the choir, and he said he didn't think he would, and they said he was really good, and should etc etc. He started singing something, I don't remember what now, but I started singing harmony, and then these kids asked if we were related. Why are all redheads related. He started laughing, and I said we were brother and sister, in a spiritual sense,a dn everyone laughed. Apparantly you can use Mormon sense of humor here. Maybe you had to be there, if you don't think its funny. We were complimented on how well we sound together. It was fun.
I ran into (not literally) Steven Hill and talked to him, which was cool because they live in Canada now, and I haven't seen him in awhile. Yesterday we trudged up and down and up and down campus. I did fairly well, and hope to increase my endurance. Everyone offers to help me, which is also a great way to meet poeple. There was a talent show and there was this kid that did PERFECT impressions of Kronk Yzma, Harry Potter, Snape, Frodo, and Golum, Jack Sparrow, That employer guy from the incredibles, and Mr. Incredible, Shrek, Donkey Yoda, Pres. Bush, Rocky, The guy from Macho Libre, Napoleon Dynamite, and Kip, Darth Vador, and I think thats it. It was awesome, and then another guy did vocal drums complet with the bass noise. I didn't know you could do the bass note while doing the drums. I wish I could do that. Thorpe was not happy with all the noise, and kep strangling himslef on his leash to get away, not even treats could tempt, it was very very frustrating, but I couldn't leave him home.
Last night, was BYUI night, which is just a huge party. The line was huge for the tickets, but I told my friend Lizzy to find me in line, in 2 minutes. She didn't think I could do it guys all know. I found the perfect setup, and went and talked to some girls and they let me in line, about 10 people away from the front. Then my friend, joined me nad we got our tickets. It was awesome. She started calling me hey legless, and threatening to stick a stick in my spokes, or other names, and people's faces, it is a highly entertaining form of entertainment, if you ever want to try it! Then we went to find the dance instructors and I met my friend Rachel who lived across the street from Grandma Rick's. We talked for awhile, and then I asked where the gym was. They told me, and I went downstairs, and went to go play basketbal lwith other ABP's in wheelchairs. I beat them all soundly. They had no idea what they were doing, so I spent about 4 hours down there teaching each group how to do it. I could beat the big football looking boys, down the court, while dribbling. It felt awesome. Sometimes I played, others I watched. When there was a group of boys, of course I had to show 'em up, and play on the girls team, where we usually won! some cheat, and I got em back. ( you can ask about that story if you want later) I made 3 baskets!! I am very proud of myself if you can't tell. Then we went the wrong way, and some guys helped push me up a hill. As I was leaving, there were two guys doing a double bike thing, where your sitting, and the pedals are in front, and you both have to pedal, and it has seats. I have pictures if you don't quite get it. I grabbed the back, and they pulled me around really really fast, which would explain why my footplate is loose today, and then pulled me home, which was really nice cuz it was uphill.

Then on Sunday we went to church, and it was confusing because we have to go to a different building for everything else but sacrament meeting.