Saturday, March 7, 2015

Story of my Life!

I think I'm off the negativity for a bit.  Here's a happier post.  My Birthday!  25! Maybe it's 25... old age problems.  Anyways I think my body is popping more, but my kids were the best, and my two AZ buddies came to spend the weekend with me!! I love them!  Pre-birthday with the fam....

My beautiful college roommate and friend joined us. She was super helpful. We played my ukelele together but I forgot to record!
Daisy and Emily provided the entertainment
The cake does say 25 I promise.   the kids are my cousin Mandy's kids, not to be confused by my friend Mandy.  He so wanted to blow out my candles...
flashback to my 21st birthday... Notice how 2 candles are out.  Don't worry I blew them ALL this year!

Fast forward a week....

My kids are weird...
But my best friends from Arizona surprised me. I was out to dinner with my coworkers.  I have no idea why I don't have a picture but here is my complimentary ice cream!  We had so much fun we stayed out for 3 hours! Poor restaurant people.  I think they were just happy they stashed us in the back.
I dragged my friends birding early early and I personally had a grand time. I don't know if they thought it was as much fun as I did but oh well! It's my birthday!.Afterwards I made up for it by dragging them off to my favorite breakfast place!!  It is DELICIOUS. Seriously delicious!  We didn't take a picture of our food because we were busy stuffing our faces.  We had carrot cake pancakes, biscuits and gravy, lemon ricotta pancakes (my favorite EVER) and TLC pancakes...toffee lemon and absolute heaven.  Sometimes I take creep pictures of my friends.  

Dragged them to the Belaggio.  Alicia really liked the fountains.

 I SAW A ROADRUNNER. Basically, my birthday was made on that particular moment. Actually that picture is from a different roadrunner I chased in a parking lot but I did see a roadrunner. Really! I think the roadrunner is probably my spirit animal...just ask my mom. Here one minute then gone.

 After our naps, we went to our other friend Elise's house and ate with her and played games and had a grand time.  I was very sorry to see them go.

 I did get a candy bouquet from my beginning orchestra as well but I didn't take a was delicious!

Oh, and we did a session at the temple which was awesome.  These pictures should show exactly why they are my friends...    Lindsay enjoyed yelling out my sunroof....weird.  Actually, I think I've always wanted to but I'm usually the one driving and I think that would be considered unsafe to try. 

It must sound like my life is super up and down and up and down...or I am. I guess that's normal.  I could use a little more flatline in my opinion. However, my life is pretty darn awesome.  Did you see my uber cool family!?  And my uber cool friends!?  But that is not all....

 I see this when I go home from work. 

And these when I get there. Yes that kid sitting close to me is in trouble.  Story of my life.