Thursday, May 28, 2009

It was a fantabulous Memorial Day weekend. My parents and sister love me! They came to hang out with just me! Well...maybe thats only in my dreams. We had a great weekend, seeing where everyone was buried, and flowers and eating, and mom's cousin reunion was pretty fun. Good food! It was kind of weird having them there at church because well, its a college ward in a classroom. But whatever I enjoyed having them there. Then Monday was spend all day catching up on everything, man was that exhausting! Tuesday we slept in a little bit and then got ready to go and do more fun things!

It was a beautiful day! I am so glad that the weather is warming up.

It was way fun with just the three of us. They really enjoyed it. Especially about the part getting in for free :)

I was kind of sad and really missed Jared because there was water....and fish in said water......
There were some plans to go swimming, but floating ice chunks kinda ruined that idea. COLD!

My favorite part was seeing this
I thought the people sitting behind us for Old Faithful were pretty funny. Oh its about 5 minutes late...we came 600 miles for nothing....It looks better on TV yadda yadda. Duh people its called OLD Faithful for a reason. Its slightly off its rocker timewise. And then a guy behind me said, they should hire a new geologist because this one obviously doesn't know. Dumb people. Oh well, I guess they are just people, I should be a little less critical.

Another thing I don't understand is sunscreen. You put it on everywhere and when the day is done...there is a small square on your arm, burned. You know that you put sunscreen there. Hmmmm...

I am so excited that I have two concerts this weekend! We are playing some really really fun stuff! And the choir is singing for one of them. Its going to be awesome!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's and Social Skills Editorial

Mothers should actively participate in children’s lives starting at a young age. A study funded by the Economic and Social Research Council found that mothers who actively discuss their children’s feelings as well as, beliefs, wants, and other social interactions greatly affect children’s social skills. According to the ESRC report, children who discuss often with their mothers have stronger social understanding and skills.

The next generation is expected to be able to communicate effectively. Consequently, social competence is a necessary skill that should be emphasized very early in life, as we live in a world where communication is taking a dramatic turn. There are now emails, texting, and other tools of instant communication. It is no longer necessary or even expected to deal with others face to face. Therefore, communication skills must be taught to children for proper ways to communicate openly, and effectively. This skill can also teach children to understand when it is appropriate to talk about certain subjects.

Teaching children life skills helps them to become honest hardworking members of society. The person whom children go to when life is hard is their mother. Mothers have the unique knack for comforting and encouragement to help their children develop self confidence, learn more about themselves and increase their self esteem. They also provide moral support for their children. It is no wonder that with all they do, mothers are considered a force to be reckoned with. Social competency is key in the ability to function effectively in today’s society. Mothers have the unique role of being primary nurturer. This means that they have the duty to help their children achieve competency in the social world.

Teaching children is the highest calling given to parents. Mothers are the greatest influences on children. Children should be taught how to become socially adept, so they do not drown in the tumultuous big world. Mothers change and mold their children and talking and spending quality time with their children is extremely valuable. This study proves that the time parents spend with children is valuable learning for the rest of their children’s lives.

This is a short editorial I was assigned to write and post. It is based on an article found on CNN if you wish to read the ariticle, here is the link:
I would appreciate any comments or insights.
The picture is for Jamie. She said she only comments on blogs with pictures.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

I just wanted to tell you about my celebration. We had taco soup for dinner. And then I made sopapillas. They turned out fantastic. My only issue was that there was only one person out of the 8 that came, that have heard of them. Are sopapillas not normal? Anyways, I am proud of myself and just wanted to brag a little.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Long update!

I am so smart I figured out how to add music. There is a reason for the Rockapella song. I went to their concert and had a picture taken! Yay me! (There are perks to being handicapped. But there was a little girl, and she got several pictures taken with them. I seem to remember a time when...) Oh well.

So There we were, Amy and I. They sang my Shambala song, and Amy got her Folger's song. They even sang my all time favorite Zombie Jamboree and fixed that one word. It was sooo awesome.
It was pretty funny because when they finally started doing the songs we wanted there was much cheering between Amy and I, and people looked at us weird. Thanks Amy for coming with me!!!

Now if only others would visit.....hahah just kidding.

Previously, this is what was going on at my house....
This what we over here do for fun.

FYI those two are not my roomates but they live down the walk, and are nice so we like them. I didn't post the video of me going cuz that would be embarassing, and I have to keep up my...whatever it is that I have.

Then for the CES fireside it rained. We were happy to have Elder Bednar there with us, and I haven't looked yet to see if I got caught on camera, but its all good. It rained and rained! This is us very very wet, after the long trek home. There was hot chocolate made very soon after, along with some muffins.

Don't worry, we really were happy to be there. It was a great fireside.

We went to the temple that morning, which was cool except I was late for quartet practice...ooops! And then the car broke, but it was fixed so now my life can continue.

I would post more pictures of smoothie parties, as well as some chocolate war paint, but that will have to wait until I have some more time which is...pretty much non existant, but hopefully soon.

And, I seem to be on a good ol' Shosty kick. For Symphony we get to play a quartet of his, that according to historians was like his suicide note....makes for very happy listening. The cool thing about him is that he signs his name in all his pieces because he can phonetically turn his initials into song. Too bad there isn't a chord or key with H in it.