Thursday, January 28, 2010

Books, Books, and... Phone?

I admit it. I like books! Ok, I'll try again. I LOVE books! I think they may be the one thing other than extreme MOOSETRACKS which makes the world go round. But I learned something new about books.

When playing in Borders, stay away from the books! Thats very deep right? Borders can be awfully dangerous if your a Helm. Well actually, any bookstore for that matter! They should put a sign up "If your a Helm, please stay only 15 minutes and only buy 2 books." That would probably be a really long sign so maybe something a little shorter and more inconspicuous. But that was the best I could do at this moment so there! I am awesome. I went into Borders with a PlAN I was going to buy this book and this book. TWO books! Yeah...right! I came out with a few more than that. (2 for mom...a couple for for dad... ok, maybe not that many!)

When I came home I was going to start on my new book, and I started the prologue and it didn't start where I had remembered it leaving off. So I looked at it. Yep, this is the book I bought and it looks ok. It has the right author and the right name. So i began to explore the boring information at the beginning that no one reads. DOH!! I bought the last book in the series. Yep, I felt stupid, really stupid! Well, at least I have the last book, though I don't know what good it will do for awhile at least.

On a more positive note, I have a new phone. I have had the old phone for about five years. Recently, (ok the last 6 months or so) Its been freaking out randomly. "No, I will not stay on while you write a text to your sisters! I refuse!" Dumb thing! It is definately time for a new phone! While at the Verizon store, the lady who was helping me said "Wow you must take really good care of your phone to have had it for five years, maybe you deserve a really nice one!" I am thinking, I like where this is going! I looked over at dad and sweetly suggested an I phone, and he gave me the don't even think about it/whatever kind of dad look. Nope, no Iphone for me! I like my phone and I am just glad it works!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just in case you wanted to know.......

I guess a story is what this post is today. So there I was, and the MVD, or DMV or whatever they call it these days, and got in an accident. What happened?

Well, I was parked with my ramp down, about to go into the building to get my handicapped sticker renewed and lucky for me I stopped at the top of my ramp to tell Brianne something; she was in the car at the time, and a guy drove into the non parking space where my ramp was, and you guessed it! Ran over my ramp! He had no idea snd I couldn't get out, so I am yelling at Brianne, and she got out and kindly told him he can't park there. I know you all are going to think I am a dummy after this next part, but I checked to see if it worked, and it did, so I went into the building and took care of what I was doing there, and left. Don't freak out too much because I was smart enough to get his license plate number. I came home and of course the parents wanted to know why I didn't report it or do anything because he was renewing his drivers license. I personally, had no idea what to do. The ramp still worked, and since it was a much lighter car, it wasn't that bad. But I ended up going to the police station anyways, and made a report, but the policeman I worked with gabbed for about an hour about his life. That was kind of weird and awkward. Just in case you wanted to know. I must have bad luck or something with ramps.

On a happier note I am working again. It was very tiring but the kids make me laugh. I worked with all of them on their times tables. They are so smart! One of the kids was doing the 7X and when we got to 7X8 he said fifty six, and I said no. He gave me a strange look as though me ears had fallen off, and I smiled and said, "it's fitty six." He just shrugged and we continued on. As he was leaving I asked him again what 7X8 was, and he stopped for minute and got that gleam in his face, and said seriously "fitty-six" flashed me a peace sign and left. I about died of laughing. I can mess with their little minds!!! Mwahahahaha!

Oh I also found a song about me. It's playing right now. I went to Itunes and typed in my name. You should see if your cool enough to have a song about you!!