Monday, October 27, 2008


So I think I confused you all and myself greatly, so I think I will try again. I already had a costume, and all I needed was a pirate name. The said pumpkins, were signed in one of the pictures. As I hope you can see, its not my name!

I was talking to Sis. Lisa Christensen, and for you guys that know Bro. Christensen, here is what he had to say on the subject of Pirate names. My personal favorite, String, em up Helm, or Wheel the Plank Helm. He likes Nobeard at the Helm, or Jackie Yo Ho Helm. I was also partial to Cat Gut Helm, but I didn't want to gross anyone out. How about Horse Hair Helm. These names aren't very feminine, but thats OK by me. It sure is fun making up pirate names when your last name is helm.
The Halloween concert opens tomorrow, in this week alone, I have 7 performances. I have decided I am going to die, not literally I hope

This weekend, Adam and I fed the ducks. as seen below. I was having way to much fun trying to train the ducks to fetch, meanwhile Adam was getting pecked in the leg. That was the one exciting event of the weekend, besides church of course, because student wards are weird!


I liked the gray duck!

As you can tell by proximity I think he liked me too! Silly duck!

They knew when we were done. You can't tell by looking but there were at leats 25 of them.

While I was there I talked to some old guys who were fishing. He told me the best place to fish was over somewhere, and he loves it there beacuse no one else does. I wish I was less directionally challenged. I also wish I had my fishing pole, but I don't know how to cook a fish, plus I would have to clean it! Gross! I will take pictures of my pirate outfit, but I need to ask Emily what to do about makeup with my limited supply. I have mega homework, so this one was pretty short. Aaron told me my blog was boring, so everyone should tell me what to do to make it more interesting.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Its been awhile

I was going to write down Everything about me, that has happened, but its been like two weeks so there goes that plan. The only funny story, is at the devotional the other day, we were singing the closing song, and the wrong words were on the screen, so some were using hymnbooks and singing the right words, and everyone else was just confused and started laughing. Then the next devotional it was so funny because the choruster..chorister...something..was finishing the closing song, and she winked. Everyone laughed because she had forgotten that we could see it. I met her later, and she said she was so embarassed because she was winking at the organist. Everyone thought for sure it was a boy. I picked out my pirate costume this week, and it is AWESOME!! Bro. Tueller though told me I need a pirate name, and the pirate name generator said for me its Dirty Anne Cash. I was hoping for something a little more original that has to do with me, but no bueno yet. So... if people have suggestions, that would be Awesome!!

There is a violin party tonight, so I have to go to the store and make some fruit salad. I am taking Juli Ann the violinIST with me to shop too, so it should be a party. I just wanted to add these pictures so everyone can see what goes on here. If you can't figure out what they are, that's really weird. ( PS this adding pictures thing wasn't working, earlier....sorry!!!)

Friday, October 3, 2008


Today was just a fantabulous day! I practiced, took the dog to the vet, and then partied with a bunch of music majors all night. Thats just the best. They don't get out much, so I have decided they just go banana's. We watched pirate movies, of course, since this halloween get to be them. Any suggestions for a good costume would be appreciated! Anyways, then at the end, they all quote movies, and its just so funny cuz I have decided it must be a a music thing, then we had our own who's line is it anyway, and then sang hymns in the style of a Gregorian chant. Only with music majors.....then we told all the music jokes their are, and then the handicapped jokes, came out, and they were all crying by the end. It was just so cool. Maybe you just had to have been there. All the rib cages were sore. Then we amused ourselves by sqeaking things, and figuring out pitches...who does that?? Well it was sooo much fun and I just thought I would share, except you all won't find it funny cause you weren't there!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A week

I don't have anything very interesting to say. This weekend I get to pick fresh Rasberries. Us lowly people who are not leaving for Conference, are going to have a conference party. I was so excited that Jared and Amy came to see me. Apparently, I am even cool enough for Sarah's kids, who are awesome, AND I got to carry on some good conversations with Gage,. Those kids sure are cute!
So, people have been asking me again about my seeing eye dog. Its so hard to refrain from saying something sarcastic. Isn't that awful? Oh well, I am sure I will get over it!
I went to a piano concert last weekend and it was awesome! I enjoyed myself by watching the entire audience shift every time the music changed moods. I think that is just the coolest thing.
We were talking in our religion class about how there are theories that the world is created from parts of other worlds. Or maybe there is a theory about how our world used to be a fallen world, but then they fixed it up or somethign. Then we talked about how the ice age is Noahs flood, and the mammoth that they found completely whole...and the dinosaurs.. did they die in the flood? Anyways there are several talks about these theories etc. that my teacher found, so if anyone is interested... AND some really good news, though the only one who can understand this excitement is probably Bethanie. I have a small violin hickey! Go me! Thats all the excitement around here!