Friday, June 26, 2009

A rather good Friday

So there I was at my house. It decided that it REALLY wanted to rain to day. Of course I am trying to do laundery, and of course I had no quarters anymore. We'll just say that I almost got struck by lightening and I was very very wet.

After that adventure, I saw some of my friends that live a couple of doors down, and we made dinner plans. Guess what I made? A pie! Thank you Bethanie! Don't worry I wrote it down. It tasted fantabulous I did awesome! It was nice having friends over at my house, I have been feeling rather antisocial this week. Weird, I know, and I am sure no one really believes me. Well, the best part of my day was while I was making said pie, I got a phone call. It was Sister Rushton!!! She was in Rexburg and she brought her kids, and I carried them around Especially little Leah! She was telling me all sorts of things and most of it I got. Her favorite thing was when I spun her around and then dumped her in the grass. I think my shoulders are still slightly sore. Now for the rest of the evening I don't know what to do with myself, but tomorrow I have a rehearsal for rhapsody in blue. I love that song! It makes me happy.