Monday, August 31, 2009

Goodbye Trailer, Hello 5th Wheel!

This them walking around while dad explains all the connections on the outside..and all the important details. Mom and Mrs. Rich were in the trailer this whole time talking while dad made sure that Mr. Rich knew how to open and put away the awning.

They hooked up everything while dad emphasized the use of sway bars. Mr. Rich doesn't drive a Dodge!
They got in the car

And drove off, and they didn't even hit the gate! Dad said in about a year we will get a new 5th wheel, but I assured Mr. Rich it would only be about 5 months or so, because I will be coming back from school. The joys of being the influential youngest!

P.S. I am glad that I still remember which one is the gas and which way is the brake. :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Moms & Cars

Well the car is finally fixed! YAY!!!!

But it pretty much is fixed all thanks to my mom.

How it started.

The part was ready on August 4th. It takes two weeks to ship. So on the Monday of the 3rd week Dad gets tired of calling, so I call. They call the company that makes and ships the ramps, and apparently the ramp has been sitting there for awhile, and they haven't even shipped it yet. So the car company told me that VMI, the ramp making company told them something about not having a box or whatever, and the lady is trying to make me feel better with lame excuses, but I am getting really mad at this time that I am having a hard time not saying a few choice words. More like sentences not words. So I say goodbye and tell mom all this stuff, and I can't remember what she told Dad, because we were keeping him posted of course.

My pretty much awesome Mom calls back the van people and says give me the number to the company, and the part number and the order number and she gets all this stuff. I am sure they were a little grudging but she did it. She called the company, and I offered to do the calling around but she said no. So she calls and this lady told her she'd connect her, and of course there was an answering machine. Mom is pretty I guess "worked up" at this point. You know the don't mess with mom look. Well she calls the lady back and says I want to talk to a person. So they connect her to a guy named Scott. He says he'll look into it and of course calls back and says yep I sent it by FedEx, and here is a tracking number. Scott should get a gold star and the van people a kick in the bahonkus. My mom had the ramp here in Alb. by 12:30 the next day. Way to go Mom! But I still wonder why the company doesn't check up on these things? It really shouldn't be the customer's job. Thank heavens I have such a cool Mom.

I suggested to the mechanic when I called him yesterday that while he was fixing it he should paint the ramp blue, or make my car maybe look a little cooler. He thought that was pretty funny. He also mentioned that the texture on the ramp was bumpier so I now I won't slip. I told him I never slip I only roll backwards gracefully. So then he laughed and said, "So apparently I know nothin' after 18 years of this?" My parents are thrilled that I can drive! Apparently its much easier on them when I can.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Very Random, well sorta...

Well, hopefully my new background and other changes aren't to icky. You can complain or have issues with it if you want. You can even leave a comment about it if you wish. Guess what I made?? I really really really wish I had a picture of it, but I made my first lasagna! What I learned...

Things not to do when making lasagna.
1. Do not use a lot of sauce on the bottom ( you run out on top)
2. Do not use a lot of meat on the bottom. ( you run out on top)
3. Do not put a layer of noodles on top with just cheese. (apparently it makes them crunchy..the noodles, not the cheese.)
4. Plan ahead and buy fresh french bread
5. Don't make such big messes in the kitchen, because then you have to clean it all up!

But my parents said it was excellent, but i think they were just trying to make me feel good about myself. Mom said it was a good first attempt, whatever that means. Maybe it did help that they were starving... Anywho on to the more exciting things!

First of all here are some end of the semester pictures.

This is Nora and I. Her brother came down to visit so that is who the arm belongs to.

This is us going to the temple on Sunday evening, The only person missing here is Nora. I think she had a Chinese oral exam the next day. Oh the top two are my roomates, and the other brunette is Heather. She lives with Nora, next door.

The sunflowers are for Emily. They are dark but look close

The next egment is fair. It was way fun! I think Nathan has decided that its ok for me to come anytime for the rodeo part. Something to do with seating placement. You'll have to ask him about that. My fair pictures came out very very dark, its hard to see, so I will let others post about that! But it was really great to hang out with Nathan and Neita and to watch my nieces and nephews do their stuff, and the food was fantabulous! Thank you Nathan and Neita for having us!

I did get a rather funny picture of Melina and Joel that I will post. Mom and Dad and I were watching them, and here is what happened. Dress up!

Princess Melina

Not exactly sure what he is looking for, but maybe Snow White is missing something...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Extremely Sad Story...

So there I was, taking pictures.

My camera card decided to break. You would think I was smart enough to save all these pictures after I took them. Lets just say, I leave the smart things for Melanie. Now I have to figure out where to send my camera card where they can take off the pictures for me. Any ideas?