Wednesday, February 25, 2009


There are definitely perks for being the youngest, because one can figure out how to manipulate the world around you and get you what you "need" aka want. Thank heavens I have some wonderful siblings who sorta kinda rubbed it slightly out of me. It is a good thing that I still have some of these skills left as I deal with other people's children all by myself. The secret is manipulation, and a great glare! I know a few of the parents of these kids, older siblings, other people etc., and the rest don't know that maybe I don't know who their parents are. (mwahhaha) I told them at the beginning that if they were talking when I was talking they owe me money. worked rather well, and I get about 20 dollars for my troubles. They even liked me enough to bless me with a nice tattoo. Don't worry I scrubbed it off before church! Anyways I kinda like them cause they are smart and know whats going on. The teacher left a note that during the creative writing part I might not be able to get them to write, but little did he know. I just suggest a few ideas, do you have a favorite food? And the kid I said I went to this really nice resteraunt once...and then he interjects. Oh, there's this one and... And I said don't tell me about it, write it. Another one I told to write how wonderful I am. That went well too (hee hee hee). Anywho, on to more exciting things.

First of all, thank you to my wonderful family who calls and wishes me happy birthday. I went to a basketball game and got my nails done. And then stayed up really late helping mom make key lime pie which was very very tasty. Good job Mom!! Next morning we went to the Bosque, and it was way fun! I took pictures of things saw some wing-flappers and wing-doodles, and of course the rubber ducks, and the heavy-lift cranes. At the fly-in part, the birds didn't really cooperate so poor Aaron was very disappointed, but thank you to him for being a good sport. It was nice being embarrassed by your family singing happy birthday where there's random people around and no candles, but I like having this birthday stretched out. And of course the food was awesome! Anyways, that's about as exciting as it gets!