Thursday, January 22, 2009


Sometimes I notice that in my beautiful family, there is an excessive amount of  jokes.  I love it.  Sometimes, even my father gets in on the fun.  

So there I was, at the end of ward choir.  Somehow the conversation turns to Mothers' necklaces and rings.  My mother tells the story of how her wonderful children bought her the ring.  Then Sister Skidmore asks which one is which stone.   Mom's ring is upside down, so of course being helpful me, I put it right, and point out that I am the prettiest one and what makes the ring so pretty.  Dad says, "No, actually your stone is the flawed one."  Me, unknowingly ask "really? How come?"  He says, "well, its because your handicapped."   

When the jokes come, I just have to share them.  I hope you all find this extremely amusing.  (Jenny)  Sometimes, I think its funny to watch people's faces.  But our in our ward they all think its funny.  I guess thats a good thing.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pi, or Pie

I thought the title was catchy so I figured I had better say something about Pi. Pi is a great number, those that can recite it for more than 8 digits have no life. Personally, I prefer the other kind. I have discovered a certain fondness and fascination for this culinary delight. I was home with Grandma, and needed to keep her busy so I thought of a great plan. Here is what happened.

I think part of Grandma's fell off, because it sure seemed longer!

I have no idea whose was longer, but it sure was fun hanging with Grandma. We had good conversation

All the fun turned into..... I went to get my camera, and then.....hmmm...

I just thought I would share this momentous occasion with you all. I just made my first pie. It sure is great having a well stocked kitchen, where you didn't have to buy it all.

Bethanie is amazing! If you need anything, call her!