Tuesday, September 30, 2014


 I don't know if anyone reads this blog anymore, but I felt the need to post.  Sometimes, it is hard to write things that you think are interesting but no one else may care about.  So if you are still reading this blog, great!  I think I might start using it more now, now that I have a grown up job that might be slightly more interesting for people to read. College, stuff..who cares?  And maybe I will use it as therapy when days get hard...like today.  Hard days are gross.

Well, (as this post is aptly named)  it's been a year.  I had been in Arizona for a year and had plans to stay there.  It's a hopping place.  Dancing, single people, and quite the social scene, and very Mormon.   Many great things and sad things happened to me there there.  The most important being, I got a degree! Then a job, well technically two jobs.
I miss Arizona.  A LOT! So, now you get to read all about how cool it is there!

  I miss picking oranges and REAL orange juice... and I miss fresh goat cheese and baby goats!

These were in the backyard.  Sometimes I play in a pit and get paid :). I cant get the video to work..sorry!

 And baseball games...and my uber cool friends!  I think this is what I miss the most.

 Sometimes I miss my desk, but I get over that one quickly...
So after a few months I couldn't handle doing nothing but applications! Stir crazy!  That gets old really quickly.
So I found a friend and got a new job as a human resources assistant.  I absolutely loved the people I worked with.  They seriously were the best.  I did however bribe them with chocolate so they would like me :)  Being behind a desk after student teaching eventually makes you go crazy too.

  I took care of the insurance stuff and helped Alison my awesome coworker with other things.  I don't have a picture of her, but she is super cool and has red hair like me, which made work fun and very entertaining (so I hear).  People didn't know who I was so Randy made me a sign.  Thanks Randy! This is Randy...he tells the best stories and we always get lots done.

 I miss my Tongan ladies and their ice cream. Basically I miss all my roommates.  I wish I had a picture of all of them.  

I miss my best friend Ashley. 

We very seriously took a million pictures of ourselves, and no we are not vain.   These other ones are much better....

I won a wheelchair race...shocking.  
Went to a wedding

 Had to make a checklist where to move, because I was not doing what I wanted to in AZ and filled out 24 applications and had 8 interviews with 2 job offers.  I hit a milestone number with the car...well...close

Sold it and got a new one....yay!  Picked up moved to Nevada and found a drawerful of music... Before..

And I miss kayaking.  Mostly just the water...I admit.  

Well, I know this post was super long and you are tired of reading about how great Arizona.  I guess I feel I owe that place a little.  I found myself again there, and found myself with new interests.  On the flip side, having a job in your degree area is a good thing.  Moving was necessary I am learning. I think I wouldn't be as on top of my grading if I was in AZ because I know people there and would rather play with them then do grading.  Have I mentioned I don't really like grading?

Teaching is hard, but in a totally different way than I expected.  I sure have a lot of up days and down days, days I love my students and days I want to squish their little heads.  Today was a squish their heads, but I think I will make it the week.  Sometimes I give my students good vibes and tell them I do like them, but only because they give me stuff.    That right there is chocolate...payment for leaving before the bell.  A good days work!