Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Home


I went home. I once I got here I realized that the only thing missing from making school perfect is my bed. I might even just stay at school, if only I had my bed. Strange isn't it, the silly things we miss when away from home. Well, maybe not silly, just things you don't really think about I guess.

About two days ago we got about 15 inches of snow. Have I mentioned I am not going to school in Rexburg to get away from snow? Hmmm But this whole snow thing has me thinking that maybe I will have a new winter goal to skiing. Yep, you read right...skiing. It may not happen more than likely, but I think I can always...consider deeply. Yeah right.

On a purely proud of onesself moment. I made dinner yesterday. I even considered taking a picture for all of your benifit, but it didn't happen. And I may even tell you my secret of why people eat my food towards the end. I love to cook Italian. I have no idea why, but I think it is just for breadsticks sake. I like breadsticks. I like bread in general. Breadsticks also have garlic and cheese. And butter...butter is good! Doesn't that sound like a perfect food? Anyways I made breadsticks, and pasta and a big green salad with mandarin oranges and olives. Thanks Emily! I guess I did kind of cheat on the pasta thing by using canned alfredo sauce, but i figure me fixing it up counteracts using it. I put in Sundried tomatoes, Chicken, peas, mushrooms, some garlic...duh! Can you tell I like garlic? Now for the secret. I started at about 5:30, so that good smells can permeate. We didn't eat til 7. Thats the secret. All of my food tastes good, because everyone is starving by the time I am through! Now you know my secrete, starve them and of course it tastes good. I think mom snitched before I was done and said it was good, but I think thats just a Mom's job. Oh well, I am proud of myself!