Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall, Pictures and Popcorn

There are perks to being a teacher.  I see them occasionally.  I'm learning that a first year teaching job is all about how you handle the ups and the downs.  It really is up and down ALL the time and so you just muddle your way through it the best you can and hope it works out. And you pray a lot.  And cry.  And laugh hysterically. And call your mom. It really is the best job, most of the time.

I love Fall.  It is my favorite season, hands down.  I mean, I like the other ones too but something about Fall...  It's probably the spiced cider I feel validated to drink more frequently with the time of year.  It literally tastes like liquid fall in a cup. After that description you know you want to go try it!

Anyways,  it has been a crazy week.  I just finished my very first concert!  Woohoo!  Sometimes, I look at it the wrong way and say "Man, I really shouldn't be stressed because I only have one group of students to really worry about and not four like my other friends." I should stop.  But here I was, stressing anyway.

My kids did very well!  I know this for three reasons.  A. I had a parent ask me how to get her kid into orchestra.  B.  I got flowers (Automatic A's! but not really.)

C. My kids played their little hearts out!  I did a concert reflection and it was pretty hilarious.  I'll put those on the next post. I was so proud! An orchestra mother told me that she was so happy that this year I had picked out a piece that they could pretty well play and a piece that they could play super well, and that was awesome.  I guess that is a pretty high compliment.  I had to start the downbeat quickly because if I paused at all I'm pretty sure that the kids would see my hands were shaking. I didn't have to say anything either, which is also good because I would have rambled and rambled...ok moving on.

I just like being a teacher because kids give me stuff, duh! Happy Halloween bring on the caramel popcorn! I was given a bag from a student who assured me it would be the best caramel popcorn ever!! It was pretty tasty!  I didn't take a picture and I don't think anyone would feel better if I showed you the empty bag. Caramel popcorn to me is like crack.  Good stuff!
 My other gifts tend to be drawings.  I took off their names so if the picture looks a little weird that's why.
Apparently, I have a think for popcorn which is what that big one in the middle right below is.

Wise words. 
I don't really know what this one is, but I like it. 

Made from a students palms and fingers

On here somewhere it says I am a music rocker. I prefer the term roller...hee hee!

And I have no idea. 

I appreciate them.  The sad part is that only one of these pictures is from one of my actual students....Hmmm...


helmhq said...

So glad your concert went well. Isn't that why you do this so the kids get to experience the joy of making music.
Those were Very nice pictures. I guess they figure if you can appreciate music you can appreciate their art!

Wish we could have heard the concert.

Smart Helm said...

Good job on the concert then... funny kids!

Montana at the Helm said...

Sounds like you are learning a lot!Wouldn't it be nice if we wouldn't stress??? I love all the art work given to you. Kids are great!

Jenny Parkinson said...

love you.