Monday, September 14, 2015

Livin' the Dream

It's not every day you land your dream job.  I did!

Yep, I packed all my belongings said goodbye to my 4 friends and drove home.  Nope, I still haven't unpacked everything.  I was here for a whole week and then got called in the ward to work with the 9yr old scouts.  (I don't think they even read my membership record in, is that legal?)

Anyways, people ask me every week how my job is going.  Even at church yesterday, I had a couple people ask me what I'm doing here.  Apparently they missed the over enthusiastic job memo.  I never know what to say to that.   To me every day is an interesting adventure but still middle school is middle school and will always be middle school, and kids are kids. 

I talked to one of my friends' moms who is a string teacher here, and she said that she hears good things about me and therstudents say that Ms. Helm is an enthusiastic slightly crazy, but fun teacher.  Hmmmm...  Hope that's a good thing.  It can be a little awkward at church because I get called Sister Helm, who in my opinion is my mother, Ms. Helm (that's definitely me) and Angela which is also me.  I only have one student that stumbles over my teacher name because she has older siblings my age. Poor kid!   

 Speaking of poor kids, the first week of school I had this specimen left alone, on a chair all by itself.  I was tempted to put a sign on it that said "will play for food" and hang it, but I didn't. 

The poor kid came back the next day and said, "Ms. Helm!  Someone has stolen my violin from its case!!"  I said, you left it out dear...  He turned purple and said, sorry and quickly sat down. 

Perk of living here, the super cute tree frogs.  This is Ferrars the frog.  He only sings in F major. 

Another perk!  Super cute people over here that take you places with green chile.  Home life, FTW!


Me The Domestic Goddess said...

I"m glad that your job is going well. Love the picture of the lonely violin. Thanks again for having your class play me happy birthday! It was truly awesome.

Smart Helm said...

Great job posting! Perhaps we are all on a posting roll :)

Montana at the Helm said...

It doesn't surprise me that your students like you! What is there not to like, right?

Mary Lynn said...

Glad you are so happy about your dream job! You are awesome and the kids are lucky to have you as a teacher!

Helm Headquarters said...

And we even like having you at home!